More exercise, more energy

The more you move, the fitter you feel, and we are not necessarily talking about active sport. Moving more also includes using the stairs more often, going for a short walk at lunchtime or walking meetings. Such minor changes in the daily routine of your employees can have a positive effect on their health. We would be happy to help your employees make these changes. 

What does High Five do?
We conduct a thorough assessment to provide your employees with personalised advice on exercise, diet and relaxation. 

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High Five vitality programmes

Our advice focuses on three elementary pillars of vitality: exercise, relaxation and diet. If required, we can produce a personalised vitality plan for each employee. This will make them more aware of the importance of a healthy lifestyle and teach them to make smart choices. The topics discussed are excess weight, high blood pressure, nutrition, back pain, stress and posture while working.