High Five Gyms

Do you want to give your office employees the opportunity to exercise? High Five Health Promotion is specialised in setting up corporate fitness areas. Make an appointment to discuss the possibilities for your organisation. 

High Five Fitness Network

Also known as Intenz Gezondheidsplan. Through the High Five Fitness Network, you can give your employees the opportunity to work out and exercise affordably at a fitness or health centre near you. 

Advantages of corporate fitness

  • Positive image for your company
  • Fitter employees
  • Better team spirit
  • More exercise equals more energy

A selection of our vitality programs

We offer an attractive corporate fitness scheme, as well as a wide range of corporate vitality programmes that we will gladly tailor to your specific wishes and requirements.

  • Corporate fitness in-company and out-company
  • Nutrition coaching
  • Health check
  • Quick scan
  • Master classes
  • Personal training