We would like to welcome you onto our new website High Five Health Promotion, previously known as European Corporate Wellbeing.
From December 2016 ECW is called High Five Health Promotion. We still offer the same services and even more! Feel free to contact us or take a look at our brand new website.

Set up a new gym

Our experience and operational expertise will ensure your facility is fully utilised and demonstrates a return on investment. We are happy to help you install and setting up a new gym.

Upgrade an existing gym

Are you achieving the levels of usage that you would expect from your on-site fitness & wellbeing  facilities? Are you looking for ways of increasing utilisation and revitalising the current facility?  We can help.

Benefits of corporate fitness

  • Positive image for your company
  • Fitter  and healthier employees
  • Better team spirit
  • More exercise equals more energy
  • Positive impact on morale
  • Positive impact on absenteeism

A selection of our vitality programmes

We offer an attractive corporate fitness scheme, as well as a wide range of corporate programmes that we will gladly tailor to your specific wishes and requirements.

  • Corporate fitness on-site and off-site
  • Nutrition coaching
  • Health check
  • Quick scan
  • Master classes
  • Personal Training